regarding feeling like shit:

the world is moving too fast and
all the people who promise things are
liars and why doesn’t anyone say how
they actually feel but instead act
like children crying about what they
want, had, and lost.


no i will not wait for you to warm up the car

no i will not wait for you at the bus stop

and heaven forbid that the sun sets and i get murdered 

waiting for you to come save me



somewhere i had never seen before
maybe a city or town, one over from
mine or maybe in the next state or two

the houses lined in rows and rows
factory-made and everything the same
people lined in rows and rows sad as
ever, and everything the same

i have never seen the warehouses,


waking up to the windows already foggy
no company other than this lonely rented
room, it’s that time of year again. i don’t
know what to tell you other than the fact
that you are not the only one who feels that
ache in your bones, the one that tells you
that going outside isn’t safe and how you
feel when you look over the edge of the 
balcony and dream of flying.

if a river asked me to leave with it, i would 
go, i think.

+what it's like to lay beside you


you have a big back and i am very small next to you

you tell me i’m too cold before we fall asleep

i try to hide the sound of my bones creaking by kissing you

i try to be softer but you tell me i’m starting to disappear

in the morning you leave before the rest of my…



it is Spring and
you maybe have a
gap between your

i am too shy to look

i am jealous of your
cheeks because they
are so kind, your
eyes laugh and

you are sweet like
boiled sugar and lilacs

i think i knew you
before i met you
but i am always
shy next to you

like a blossom about
to burst on a
sunny day

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james bay


mount maxwell, saltspring island

ruckle park, saltspring island